March, 26 (Wednesday morning) to March, 29 (Saturday morning)
Colocated with ITRS08, March, 25, 2008

Viale Settimio Severo 65 - 10133 - Torino - Tel: +39 011 6603555


1. Introduction To Types 2008
2. Invited Speakers
3. List Of Participants
4. Schedule Of The Congress
5. How To Register
6. Hotel Booking
7. How To Submit A Talk
8. Social Events
9. Call For Post Proceedings Papers
10. How To Get To Villa Gualino
11. Map Of The Town Of Turin
12. Picture Of Villa Gualino
13. Organizing Committee

7. How To Submit A Talk

(the congress is now over)

Who is willing to give a talk must provide, by February, 29:
  • a title of the talk
  • a short abstract in plain text
  • the name of who is expected to give the talk and the list of co-authors
  • the slides in PDF format (optional)
via the url:
(the corresponding author is the one who is expected to give the talk,use the "upload paper" functionality in easychair to submit the (optional) PDF slides).

Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Implementation of proof-assistants, automation in computer-assisted reasoning.
  • Formalising mathematics using type theory, formalisation examples.
  • Dependent types in Programming
  • Applications of type theory and functional programming.
  • Meta-theoretic studies of type systems.
  • Constructivism and Foundation of Mathematics: Domain semantic and Game Theoretical semantics of proofs and computations.

    Talks are expected to last about 30 minutes, including discussion. No referee process will take place. The organisers may discuss with the interested site leaders the possibility of cancelling or shortening some talk in case of necessity. People who will give a talk are encouraged to make available on the web the related material.

    Following the previous types meeting we hope to publish the post-proceedings of the workshop in the Springer LNCS series. Submission of paper and formal referring process will be be carried on after the conference. As usual submission will not be restricted to the papers presented at the conference.

    Below: The central Piazza Castello (Castle Square), with its Middle-Age Castle incorporating the old Roman gate.
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