March, 26 (Wednesday morning) to March, 29 (Saturday morning)
Colocated with ITRS08, March, 25, 2008

Viale Settimio Severo 65 - 10133 - Torino - Tel: +39 011 6603555


1. Introduction To Types 2008
2. Invited Speakers
3. List Of Participants
4. Schedule Of The Congress
5. How To Register
6. Hotel Booking
7. How To Submit A Talk
8. Social Events
9. Call For Post Proceedings Papers
10. How To Get To Villa Gualino
11. Map Of The Town Of Turin
12. Picture Of Villa Gualino
13. Organizing Committee

12. Picture Of Villa Gualino

Take a look to the town the from Villa, using a webcam.Here is a picture of the Villa as seen from the back, coming from the Park:

Villa Gualino
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